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    Warming your kitchen floor

    Warming your kitchen floor brings a new feel to most used room in your home. Orbit Radiant Heating can transform your kitchen with our products.

    Bathroom Heating

    Taking the chill out of your bathrooms, bring warmth into your life with Orbit Radiant Heating floor warming products.

    Your family will enjoy the comfort that comes from Radiant Heated floors, Orbit Radiant Heating can transform your living room.

    Residential Applications

    Our residential applications for your driveway and walkways can keep your home safe during the cold/icy weather conditions

    Reduce risk and create a safer environment for your customers and employees with our outdoor applications.

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Now You're Getting Warm

Orbit Radian Heating, Electric radiant floor heating

Warmth is Happiness

Radiant Heat should be a decision that you feel completely comfortable with… comfortable with the concept, comfortable with the radiant heating product that you choose… and most of all, comfortable with the long-term results!

Orbit has the best proven solution for your electric radiant heating needs - Nexans and TECH-Series heating cables and mats.

Why Nexans? They are the thickest cable systems on the market today…and although everyone else says, “Thin is in” we say FAT IS WHERE IT’S AT. For over 80 years, Nexans has been making cables thick. The reason? 

How It Works

How It Works

TECH-Series Snow Melting cables and mats offer the ability to melt snow and ice on many different surfaces. TECH-Series outdoor products work well on Asphalt, concrete, pavers in sand, brick, flagstone and others. These   products are designed for 240 Volt applications and are available in pre-packaged kits containing Orbit's automated controls. Nexans and TECH-Series products along with Orbit's user friendly controls, make some of the best complete systems on today's market.

Our Customer Service and Technical Support Departments are here to help you better understand the concept of Radiant Heating from the time you start your project until you are enjoying the comfort and warmth of you living room or watching the snow melt from your driveway as your shovel reamins in the garage.
Our Customers have the ability to use our Indoor Selection Guide or our Outdoor Selection Guide depending on the individual application.  Customers that rather work directly with our Customer Service Department can call (1.800.522.3986) or use our Custom Quote Form. By filling out the form with the required information, our staff can take the guess work out and quote your exact needs.  Most quotes are returned within the same day or a maximum of 24 hours from the time of submittal Monday thru Friday.