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Now You're Getting Warm

DS-5 Series Snow Sensor

Outdoor Controls DS Series Snow Sensor
Outdoor Controls DS Series Snow Sensor
List price:$470.00
You save:$47.00
Outdoor Controls
Orbit Radiant Heating

The DS-5 is essentially a DS-2B fitted with a dual 30A @ 240 VAC load control contact set. It is primarily designed for larger satellite antenna/broadcast tower deicing and pavement snow melting applications. Specifically, any job that a DS-2B can perform a DS-5 can perform with double the load handling capability.

All DS units operate by detecting temperature through a base mounted thermistor and precipitation using a precipitation sensor. This sensor consists of a printed circuit board etched with interleaved traces mounted in a conduit fitting. The sensor is heated using a self-regulating thermistor. When rain or snow land on the sensor the traces are bridged and a closure is detected. The heater then rapidly evaporates the moisture, clearing the sensor.

DS-5 Units can be used as stand alone controls for applications that are less then 60 total amps. In applications that are larger then 60 total amps, they can used in conjunction with our RSMCK Series Control Systems.

  • Automatic Activation means Lower Deicing Costs
  • Reliable Rain and Snow Detection
  • Dual 30A @ 240VAC Control
  • 100-120 VAC Operation
  • Replaceable Precipitation Sensor
  • Easy Installation, Full Access to Electronics
  • 8 Different Functions, 1 Part Number
  • Adjustable Temperature Trigger Point
  • Adjustable Delay Off Cycle
  • Selectable Low Temperature Cutoff
  • Smart "Manual On" Operates for One Delay Cycle
  • High Power, Low Price!
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