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    Warming your kitchen floor brings a new feel to most used room in your home. Orbit Radiant Heating can transform your kitchen with our products.

    Bathroom Heating

    Taking the chill out of your bathrooms, bring warmth into your life with Orbit Radiant Heating floor warming products.

    Your family will enjoy the comfort that comes from Radiant Heated floors, Orbit Radiant Heating can transform your living room.

    Residential Applications

    Our residential applications for your driveway and walkways can keep your home safe during the cold/icy weather conditions

    Reduce risk and create a safer environment for your customers and employees with our outdoor applications.

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Now You're Getting Warm

Electric Radiant Heat | Millimat | 230 Volt Millimats

Nexans Millimat Series 10 Sq. Ft. Coverage Area
Nexans Millimat Series 10 Sq. Ft. Coverage Area
List price:$283.00
You save:$103.00
Product Specifications: 
  • Covers a 10 Square Foot Area
  • 73" Long
  • 19 3/4" Wide
  • 120 Watts
  • 460 Ohms
  • 0.5 Amp draw @ 230 Volt
Floor Warming
230 Volt Millimats

Nexans electric radiant heat mat for your indoor radiant heat projects. With the highest quality electric radiant heating systems on the market, our Nexans millimats like this 230 volt model will give you the long lasting floor heating you have been looking for to turn your cold floors into a warm setting that your whole family will enjoy.

The millimat electric radiant heat systems are designed for evenly spaced placement on a fiber mesh assembly.  The conductor wire is long lasting and has a PVC outer covering that is durable in all conditions.

These Electric Radiant heat mats are available in the 230 volt seen here as well as the 120 volt model.

This radiant heat system is available in ready-made sizes covering areas from 10 to 145 square feet, making it ideal for warming almost any size room. Multiple Millimats can be combined for larger coverage areas.

If you are not sure about the size or volt that will work best with the room you plan to install the floor warming mat in, just use the form below or contact our team.  We can assist in getting you the right electric radiant heating system for your needs.

More homeowners have trusted Electric radiant heat over Hydronic radiant heat for the cost and time savings benefits.  See the comparison chart below for more details. View all our floor warming products here.

Electric Radiant Heat | Millimat | 230 Volt Millimats

With a 20 year warranty and the ease of installation, you will enjoy the warmth as well as the energy efficient benefits that electric radiant heat brings to your home.

Electric Radiant Heat | Millimat | 230 Volt Millimats

Please use the form below to get more information about the 230 volt millimat floor warming system.

  • Highest quality, long-lasting
  • Works with any type of floor: slab, frame or hardwood
  • Maximizes living space; completely concealed
  • Ready made units for virtually any size room
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to plan and install
  • Works well with any heating system
  • Safe: no moving parts, open flames, or exposed heating elements
  • 20 year warranty
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