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    Warming your kitchen floor

    Warming your kitchen floor brings a new feel to most used room in your home. Orbit Radiant Heating can transform your kitchen with our products.

    Bathroom Heating

    Taking the chill out of your bathrooms, bring warmth into your life with Orbit Radiant Heating floor warming products.

    Your family will enjoy the comfort that comes from Radiant Heated floors, Orbit Radiant Heating can transform your living room.

    Residential Applications

    Our residential applications for your driveway and walkways can keep your home safe during the cold/icy weather conditions

    Reduce risk and create a safer environment for your customers and employees with our outdoor applications.

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Now You're Getting Warm


Electric radiant heating systems provide you with many benefits

The comfort you deserve.

  • Electric radiant heating systems distribute heat evenly, warming cold surfaces such as tile even on the most frigid days. No more tiptoeing across an ice-cold bathroom floor first thing in the morning!

Save energy.

  • Because electric radiant heating is very efficient, thermostats can be set at a lower temperature, resulting in significant energy savings. Electric radiant heating is also self-regulating. A thermostat controls operation, so the system is on only when you need it.


  • Unlike other types of heating systems, electric radiant heating systems are reliable and maintenance free with no moving parts, no open flames and no exposed heating elements.

Maximize your living space.

  • Because radiant heating systems are totally concealed, you can maximize the use of walls, floors and outdoor areas without affecting the look and feel of where they are installed.


  • Radiant heating systems provide the convenience of not having to shovel a driveway or walkway, saving you time.