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    Warming your kitchen floor

    Warming your kitchen floor brings a new feel to most used room in your home. Orbit Radiant Heating can transform your kitchen with our products.

    Bathroom Heating

    Taking the chill out of your bathrooms, bring warmth into your life with Orbit Radiant Heating floor warming products.

    Your family will enjoy the comfort that comes from Radiant Heated floors, Orbit Radiant Heating can transform your living room.

    Residential Applications

    Our residential applications for your driveway and walkways can keep your home safe during the cold/icy weather conditions

    Reduce risk and create a safer environment for your customers and employees with our outdoor applications.

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Now You're Getting Warm

Worlds First GFCI Thermostat

It’s not just a thermostat . . . it’s child's play
GFCI Thermostat
Maintain complete comfort with rock-solid reliability with our thermostats designed specifically for radiant heating applications. And you’ll finish the job in no time, because this thermostat is the easiest you’ve ever installed. With screw terminals to save you time and space and only 2 inputs to program (date & time), we’ve done most of the work for you. This thermostat features high-tech precision with a straightforward user-friendly interface and good looks. One dual-voltage model keeps things simple.


  • Only two inputs


  • 120V & 240V in one model
  • Pre-programmed
  • Easy to understand and read

Play it safe

  • CSA approved GFCI at 120 and 240 volt
  • Two relays for extra protection
  • Waterproof sensor

Thermostat Specifications

Thermostat Installation Instructions and User Manual